SNAX Block Producer

We’re proud to support SNAX as a block producer.   

Our SNAX block producer is live!  The HP DL360 64GB XEON is located in downtown Calgary, AB Canada and is connected to the largest global IP network.  The state-of-the-art facility offers Latency Optimization, multiple connections to 3 major Internet carriers with 1 Gbps dedicated line using the BGP-4 routing protocol and is built on a fully redundant architect that is engineered for 99.999% uptime.

We appreciate your vote and look forward to contributing to the expansion of the SNAX network! 

vote:  telosunlimit


Our Location

We’re based in Calgary, Canada, one of the most crypto-active cities in the world – and one of the most stable countries on the globe

Your data is safe in Canada and is not affected by the Patriot Act

Geographically, it’s the perfect place for ongoing block production