Telos Unlimited is an independent Block Producer candidate based in Santa Fe, Argentina.

We are not owned, managed or controlled by any other entity and are 100% self-funded. We pledge to support and enforce all arbitration decisions that are enacted, immediately. 

We will Never pay for or offer incentive for votes.


Oscar Jara, Argentina


Nicolás Arolfo, Argentina


We are not incorporated. Responsible individual is Nicolás Arolfo from Argentina, which is a registered independent worker.

At Telos Unlimited, we’re dedicated to serving the needs of the new network but also excited to bring real-world projects to the eco-system.

Being involved in the launch of this next generation network is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The predicted stability, transparency and low barrier to entry make the Telos Blockchain Network (TBN) very attractive to developers and businesses. More dapps, more airdrops, more users, more value, more growth – everybody wins.

We’re a small tight team dedicated to the Telos Network.

We have not only a team of dedicated technical experts but also decades of combine strategic digital marketing experience to help fuel the fire, and your vote helps fuel that fire.