We’re Telos Unlimited, a Telos block producer candidate.

We won’t just serve the technical needs of this new, exciting, state-of-the-art blockchain. We’ll also help boost its token value through increased user and business adoption.

Why Telos?

We believe that dpos is the way of the future. Telos provides scalable, real-time blockchain technology that opens the doors to unlimited possibilities for busniesses, creators and entrepreneurs of all types. That’s why we love it.


Self Owned, Funded and Operated

Level 6 Ready

Multi-Location Secure Infrastructure

Adoption and Outreach

Marketing and Rewards

Our Infrastructure

Our Location

We’re based in Calgary, Canada, one of the most crypto-active cities in the world – and one of the most stable countries on the globe

Your data is safe in Canada and is not affected by the Patriot Act

Geographically, it’s the perfect place for ongoing block production

The Team  

Head of operations

Stephen Iervella

Head of technology

Oscar Jara

Ownership Disclosure and Code of Conduct

Telos Unlimited is an independent Block Producer candidate based in Calgary AB, Canada.  We are not owned, managed or controlled by any other entity and are 100% self-funded. We pledge to support and enforce all arbitration decisions that are enacted,  immediately....

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