We’re Telos Unlimited, a Telos block producer candidate.

We won’t just serve the technical needs of this new, exciting, state-of-the-art blockchain.
We’ll also help boost its token value through increased user and business adoption.


Self Owned, Funded and Operated

Level 6 Ready

Multi-Location Secure Infrastructure

Adoption & Outreach

Marketing and Rewards

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Why Telos?

We believe that dpos is the way of the future. Telos provides scalable, real-time blockchain technology that opens the doors to unlimited possibilities for busniesses, creators and entrepreneurs of all types. That’s why we love it.

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Telos for token holders

  • Developer Focus Builds Value

  • Higher Equity per Token

  • Powerfull governance Engine

  • Meaningful Voting for all

  • Lower Inflation

  • Key Recovery for Compromised EOS Account holder

  • Arbitration to reclaim lost or stolen tokens

Advantages of the Telos Blockchain

  • Base layer arbitration

  • Enhanced BP Requirements

  • Established and Reliable Government

  • Worker proposal system

  • Tools Available at Launch
  • Fewer tokens on the market
  • Inverse Weighted Voting

  • Proprietary Apps Allowed

  • Proprietary Apps Allowed

  • Affordable & Predictable

Telos for the future

Interconnection with sidechains and bridge-chains to provide descentralzed value and information across the globe.

  • Interconnected Dpos Blockchain

  • Cross-chain Token Transfer

  • Horizontal Scaling to Multiple Telos Sidechains

  • Compliance Solutions for Business

  • Reliable, Fair, and Fast Dispute Resolution

  • Telos EVM

  • Telos ID

  • Telos Private

  • Telos Location

The Team

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Oscar Jara
Oscar JaraBlockOps Engineer
Nicolás Arolfo
Nicolás ArolfoSysAdmin / BlockOps

Our Infrastructure




  • Saint Louis, MO, US
  • Bare Metal

  • Producer Node

  • Full API Node
  • Testnet Full Node

  • Telos EVM RPC endpoint (Docker Based)

  • HAproxy Load Balancer endpoint for geoproximity load balancer

  • RNG oracle

  • Price feed Oracle

  • Testnet and Mainet daily snapshot service



  • New York, New York, US
  • Bare Metal

  • Backup Mainnet Producer

  • Full API Node
  • Hyperion and full history node

  • TelosEVM RPC endpoint

  • dStore Node with 30Tb of storage

Our location

Our company is based on Santa Fe, Argentina, with a growing market of crypto enabled services. Having our production nodes hosted on the US we have the flexibility to move the servers anywhere on the glove in case of legislation changes.

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