After some planning around our near objectives and the upcoming mainnet EVM launch that will bring the use of the network to a whole new level and thinking what we could offer to the voters, we decided to upgrade our main block producer and retire our old backup one to be replaced with the actual producer. Even we already where on the top 10 on CPU execution times, we wanted push even further!

Why is this important to us and our voters?

EOSIO code and in consecuence Telos has a resource model where the user or the dapp has to pay by staking some TLOS.

Here is some explanations on the model:

Taking in consideration that faster execution times will lower the resource costs and also increases the maximun TPS (Transactions Per Second) it’s a great way of improve the network with better processors.

How do we achieved this?

The previous block producer proessor was an Intel i5-4590 Quad-Core achieving (with the propper perfomance tunning) a average exec time of 300 microseconds placing us on the top 10 ranking of fastest BP’s

The new producer node is an Intel Core i7 9700 with an average exec time of 230 microseconds, giving a performance boost of about 20% and moving us into the top 3 exec times on the ranking!

This ranking can be checked on: